So the first step is to open a Tradingview account, Tradingview is used by over 30 million people world wide.

I personally use the Premium account, however you can get away with a Pro + account for these tutorials.

Make sure you sign up here as we will need your Tradingview username later in the tutorial.

When adding charts to Tradingview we will be adding charts such as BTC USD on the crypto exchange Bybit, always make sure that you have the bybit version of the chart you want open, as the price can fluctuate between exchanges, so by selecting only the bybit charts, you’ll ensure that you are trading the accurate price action.

If you don’t have a Bybit account click here to open one, as you will need one to access PSX is a later tutorial.

If you are in a region that doesn’t support Bybit, you can open an account using a VPN like NordVPN and choose a country that allows Bybit.

A great advantage to Bybit that you do not have to perform KYC and you can still withdraw the equivalent to 2btc daily.

Up to $4,000 Bybit BONUS

☝️ Get the BONUS if you sign up with the link above!

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